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“When I heard about this affiliate program, I was not sure it was as easy as they said it would be. One day, a friend of mine needed a website and I recommended to check The African Boss out and once they made one for him, I got paid as well.”

About this program

How can I make money?

Before you recommend someone to us, we recommend you to inform yourself about our products and services and check out testimonials and our portfolio to really see and learn about what we do. 

We emphasize on quality and timeliness. As a result, we only deliver products that make us proud and make the client get more revenue as a result of our work.

Every time you recommend a client to us, you make 15% of the services they are provided with.

But there are multiple ways to recommend our services and products.

But it still comes up as



Share a Post

Help your online network find the best marketing services from The African Boss.
Share a post or two and if your network needs our services, you will make money.

Write a Blog

Post an article reviewing our services, or share a blog post recommending our services to your readers on your website.

Newsletters and Forums

Inform yourself about our products and services and then recommend them to audiences you can reach if you like them.

Write a Review

This is one of the easiest, you don’t need to be a professional writer. All you need to do is share your real experience, tell people what you really like about the product, what makes it different among others. But this only applies to someone who has received our services and experienced our client care.

Being an Affiliate is the key to earn extra cash simply by recommending a product or service

Some extra cash can help you take care of your extra projects or do more in this world. And being an affiliate is the key to earn extra cash simply by recommending a product or service.

Help us deliver the best services to someone you know

We do not brag about providing the most value to our clients, we let our clients do that for us.

Make money by telling someone who needs our services

Our only hope is that you can do business with us so you can witness our excellent services yourself.

Affiliate Program

Earn Money Easily

The African Boss

Hundreds of millions are tuning in online daily. We help brands stand out online and we do it so well. We will do the same to the clients you send us.

The African Boss

Follow our Journey and our clients journey online

Hundreds of millions are tuning in online daily. Help them stand out with a simple recommendation of The African Boss

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We are here for you and would love to help someone you recommend like we have helped countless other businesses before.

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