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Diplomatic Inspiration | Book promo | Ish’mael A. Ngu

Inspiring Current and Future Leaders and Influencers with Frameworks for Shaping Africa’s Future Leadership is hard.

Leading a colorful and diverse people as Africans is harder still because all Africans are leaders. But if leaders lead the African people as peasants, instead of leading them as leaders, wouldn’t that be a mistake?

Besides leadership, Africa faces many macro challenges. Though talent is evenly distributed in the world, opportunity is not. But, Africans possess the human and social capital to create opportunities. To give African inspiration space to live and breed innovation and reform.

For this to work, a point of reference is necessary.

One that:

  • Converges and enables a focused discussion of ideas from three groups of stakeholders
  • Encourages a discussion of values and interests for creative problem solving
  • Mitigates the perceptive disparity among different groups of stakeholders
  • Engages citizens and their conversations in every aspect of the nation-building process
  • Inspires stakeholders to craft a radiant vision that can be reproduced
  • Can be used to craft measures for tracking ongoing communication and development Diplomatic Inspiration suggests ideas for inspiring active and passive stakeholders and for equipping young Africans, the future leaders of Africa, to think differently.

It’s not just time for Africa. It has ALWAYS been Africa’s time.

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