If you are wondering how to plan and write your first book,

If you are wondering how to increase your credibility by writing a book,

If you are wondering how to benefit from your book and gain important partnerships along the way,

then this article is for you.

Below is a podcast from Funnel Hacker Radio, a podcast by ClickFunnels, where JG talks about book planning, writing, marketing, and publishing.

JG Francoeur, How To Establish Yourself As An Expert In 7 Days Or Less

Most people are scared of writing books because they do not feel credible or confident enough that they have something to share in this world where information is freely available all around us.

The good news is you do not have to write a life-changing, innovative book that disrupts everything the world believes in.

Here are three ways you can write for example an 80 pages book (10 chapters with 8 pages each) in the next 90 days

  • Write a book about your experience
  • Interview experts and write about the interviews
  • Write about other books you have read

By the way, you do not even have to write the book yourself. You can record a 30min audio of yourself or a 30min podcast with an expert speaking on a topic and do it 8 times. Then you can use a tool like Rev to transcribe your audio into text then you can give it to an editor and voila, you can have your book in no time.

But before you write this book, you have to focus on why you are writing. This article is solely about writing a physical book for marketing purposes and establishing your credibility to your potential customer to build your business and sell more. The best part about physical books is people will pass them around to others who are interested in the topic. And one physical book might generate you an endless amount of warm leads. So take this advice below.

“Don’t wait to be credible to write a book, Write a book then you will be credible” -- JG Francoeur

A book build credibility because it provides your business with a competitive edge. Authors are looked at as experts and that is what you will gain when you refer your client to a chapter in your book that provide solutions to the exact problems they have.

And once you have written your book, market it through the right channels. While TV and radio might have worked in the past, social media is where people are nowadays and that should be your main marketing channel.

The best part is that other businesses wish they had a book but they do not have time or do not know how to do it so once you have a book idea, you can pitch another business for partnership on the book. So with their help, you can have less marketing costs and leverage their partnerships to reach more future customers and reap more benefits from your book.

Please leave a comment or a voice note below and tell us about your journey. We are working on writing a book about different experiences we have encountered from people and would love to hear from you.

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