Business partnerships according to some of the world’s top founders, executives and CEOs from Companies like Lyft, Harry’s, Drybar, GOAT, etc

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Some of the world’s top founders, executives and CEOs built their businesses with the help of their family, friends, and coworkers. In this master class episode of “This is Success,” we’re revisiting some of our favorite stories about business partnerships, and how our guests have made them work. Featuring John Zimmer (Lyft), Jeff Raider (Harry’s), Alli Webb (Drybar), Eddy Lu (GOAT), and restaurateur and event planner Larry Morrow.

Episode Notes according to This is Success

Anyone who works with family, friends, or close people know how hard it is to do that. And if you’re planning to start a company, your first support might come from those most close to you.

A wise message from my father - Family, and Relationships in Business
A wise message from my father – written by The African Boss CEO about family and business

In other cases, those closest to you are the ones that will discourage you to maximize your full potential. Be aware of their place in your life and in your business life. They do not need to be in both and it’s very okay.

If you enjoyed this podcast, let us know what you think about having people close to you in your business, what has your experience been like in the past?

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