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I am a social media strategist and viral marketing expert specializing in creating trending hashtags in the Events, Music, Nightlife and Entertainment industries.

about my social media journey

How Patycope started

I started my social media journey early and it has grown exponentially to over 200,000 people across platforms and increasing daily.

I have been on social media since 2010 but started sponsoring posts for businesses in 2015. I provide event promotion services to different companies big and small.

Since 2017, I started working with companies in the Creative Arts and Entertainment Niches where I use my global network to help those businesses reach people and sell products.

My current project

I am currently working with Gura Stores to get people to shop over there.


Concert and Events


Bars and Clubs


Communication brands

Some of the



Here are some of the brands I have worked with to

  • Increase brand revenues
  • Grow brand social media platforms engagement
  • Bring them trusted and long-term clients
+ 1 M RWF
Revenue Generated

Let the numbers do the talking

Here is why I should be running your next campaign

"When we started working with Patycope, we saw a massive increase of our social media activity and our account was generating 200 direct messages a day"
Director at ABC
Branded Posts Created

I have grown by 42,000 Instagram followers in the past year

Kigali, Rwanda

The Secret To Instagram Success

Growing an audience no matter where it is can be stressful. You have to consistently post not only good content, but unique content they cannot find elsewhere, otherwise, there is no need to follow you.

So here is some tips for you to grow your page

Patycope Platform Insights

Here is what you should expect for your marketing campaign.

I love traveling

About Me

My name is Rukundo Patrick also known as Patycope. I was born in 1990. I currently reside in Kicukiro, Kigali, Rwanda.

Although I share a lot about my daily routine and activities on my social media, my love for beautiful and creative content is nowhere near what can be seen in my Instagram/Twitter/Facebook posts and stories.

I have traveled abroad but my favorite place is still Rwanda.

My daily routine

  • Checking social media and engaging the audience in the morning
  • Speaking with brands, and looking for the next big project
  • Meeting friends and going to events
  • Getting posts ready for the next day at night

As seen on TV and Magazines

Some of the publications that have featured me

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