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The African Boss helps you brand your company into - A premium brand, - A brand that clients want to pay more to own their products, - A brand that brings more value to their clients than its competitors Branding is not just about a logo or name. Branding is how customers see you, their opinion on you. We help make you into a reputable and respected brand.


The African Boss' main goal is to present you to your market and clientele as a value company. You value your own company a lot, don't you? All the sweat and tears that go into making your products or providing your services. We take care of reaching the right customers for your business while you go do what you love the most, creating your products and providing your services


The African Boss provides you with high quality content custom made to elevate your brand above your competition. We design websites with care to make sure that your website sells your products. After all, nobody wants an unvisited website. The promotional content we design for your business is not just well crafted but carefully designed to help you position yourself above your competition.

The Story And Mission

The African Boss started with the purpose of helping brands reach more customers. Over time, we have perfected our tools to help brands reach more targeted customers by staying up-to-date on the latest technologies. Our platforms also include a Magazine and TV available to share your story with the world and help advertise for your company.

We know that you have worked hard to get the products that you have now and to provide the services that you provide. We also know that the value you provide in this world should be rewarded so that you can keep doing what you love doing. With that in mind, we make sure that the right customers are aware of you and buying from you.

The African Boss

What makes us different?

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How Do We Tell Your Story And Market Your Company?

Think about this for a moment – the person that inspires you that you have never met but feel a connection to online. I am talking about a celebrity that does some humbling actions, a book author of your favorite book, a great athlete you wish you would meet, a billionaire that spends a lot of money helping out charities, a preacher you might not have talked to whose words guide you, etc. What draws you to them? How did you learn about them? Is it through a book, a movie, a video, a picture? After all, all these media are telling their story.

Stories are very powerful. Stories are relatable, which is why they make up nearly 2/3 of our daily conversations. We tell your story to sell to your customer your values, your mission, your vision, but most importantly the quality and uniqueness of your products. We believe just like how each piece of content we create to market is unique to you, that your sales should be unique to your business. But do not just take our word for it, check out some of our past work and what our clients have said about them. We can’t wait to market you to success.

Website Development and Shop promo - Sneakymovez

Sneakymovez is a shop that sells shirts with country flags on them.

After working on developing their online shop, we proceeded to create a promotional video for the shop.

The shop launched at a $300 day net profit.

Website Development and Shop promo - Agakoko Clothing

Agakoko is a shop that sells a wide variety of clothes and accessories for both men and women based in Canada.

After realizing that the shop had to rebrand from day 1 of our partnership, we consulted on naming the company and finally helping the company set up all accounts needed for a successful launch. Then we worked on developing their online shop, and proceeded to create a promotional video for the shop.

Magazine feature - Thank you magazine

The Thank you Magazine Issue featured over 10 people and entrepreneurs that helped us launch The African Boss in any way.

being featured in our magazine comes with social media advertising geared towards helping you 

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Magazine 0001

This was the First Issue of The African Boss Magazine released on 01/20/2018. It was about thanking people that supported The African Boss come to life. These people are my Family and Friends that include Leandre Nsengumuremyi, Patrick K, Brian N, Danlyah K, Cynthia K, Sauda N, Sydney S, Tori G, Ali K, Protogene Nsengumuremyi & Hakizimana Marie Josee, Daniyah K, Yves & Violette. For more about it, read it here

Magazine 0002

The Second Issue of The African Boss Magazine was released on 04/24/2018. It was giving insights about the company’s mission and goals towards businesses, entrepreneurs, online readers and viewers by creating empowering and motivating stories about businesses and Entrepreneurs through The African Boss TV and The African Boss Magazine for readers and views to inspire them on how to become your own boss and keep you updated on businesses that are doing it the best right now. If they can, Why not YOU & I, Read it here

Magazine 0003

Tips from Cyrene Quiamco @cyreneq , creator of multiple HTML5 games and Snapchat AR – Augmented reality lenses, the11thsecond or , Liliane Umuhoza @lyly_liliane , Rwanda’s Instagram rich, popular and famous, Patrick Rukundo, Rwanda’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter news and updates, @patycope , Style with Substance @sws_blog , Youtuber, vlogger, blogger, Maria Chiza @mariibella, Instagram model, fashion designer, dancer, singer from Tanzania and Italy, I need your love – Marii on Youtube, and more. How do the world’s top best social media influencers grow their audience and make money from it? What should you do as a new business to succeed in marketing and social media, Read it here


Article 0001

This article about The meet with Daymond John, CEO of FUBU, Author, was released on. I was motivated to right this article because i was so inspired and moved by his mind that i could not keep for myself the wisdom i took from the meeting. Continue reading…

Article 0002

This article about A Wise Message from My Father was published on 06/09/2018. This inspiring article is about motivation and inspiring other people out there to pursue their dreams and stop at nothing until they reach their goals. Continue reading…



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