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About Us

In 2017, Jean Eudes Benecyo, our Founder and CEO, had an idea to help entrepreneurs and businesses. He decided to create a simple directory of businesses where people could learn about businesses near them. But in time, he realized it was not a sustainable idea and it evolved in what you see today. Today, this has evolved to sharing business stories (through the Magazine, Podcast, TV, Books,…)  and also helping these businesses by developing marketing tools (Websites, Apps, Email and Social Media Management, Paid Social Media Ads, etc) for them to increase their business revenues.

Don't deny your business access to thousands who need your product but haven't heard about it.

Leave your marketing to the professionals and experience the results for yourself

We have been exactly where you are today.

Website not converting enough, social media marketing not working, etc

We did not let the frustrations keep us down but we learned and applied ourselves until we were able to get the results we get for our clients.

Our Team

We owe our success to our team of resourceful and skilled people working daily to provide digital marketing solutions to countless of businesses and entrepreneurs around the world.

Jean Eudes Benecyo

CEO / Founder

With a writing, design and coding background, our founder has an eye for quality. He graduated with honors in 2016 with Biology major, Business administration and chemistry minors.

He spent most of his time outside of school self-teaching how to design and code. Eventually, he used skills he had picked up during that time to start The African Boss with only one mission ‘to help businesses tell their stories better to the world’.

When he is not working, he enjoys spending time watching a movie with friends, playing sports, or hanging out with others.

With an accounting background, our CFO has accumulated a 26+ years of Finance and Accounting. He has a Masters in Finance and Banking.

He spent most of his career working in a corporate environment where he managed a large account of over $20M with his team. He plans to use this knowledge to take The African Boss to another level financially.

When he is not working, he enjoys spending time singing in a local church choir, playing sports, and hanging out with friends.

With a computer background, our CTO has always been interested in computers since a young age.

Only at 16 years old was he able to make his first successful software. And his journey since then has taken him so far. He graduated with a Computer Engineering degree in 2017.

He specializes in software and website development. But he also develops web and mobile applications for both iOS and Android devices. He is also no stranger to API integration, Database Development and Management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We believe creating the perfect digital tool for your business is a collaborative process.

These are the steps we will follow to get your site in just 2-8 weeks:

  • Onboarding
  • Discovery and research
  • Design and development
  • Review
  • Launch
Your site will take 2-6 weeks to complete. It depends mostly on feedback and revisions. The faster content is provided and designs are approved on your end, the faster the site is completed.
We offer professional writing as an addon service. But we encourage our clients to create their copy internally

We include a blog design in every website we create at no additional cost. It does not count as one of the main pages when creating a quote. If you already have substantial blogs, we migrate all existing blog content into a newly designed blog page that better matches the fresh new redesign.

WordPress sites account for a third of all sites on the internet for a reason. Once your site is ready, you’ll find WordPress simple to use. But if your project requires a lot more custom and complex work, we might use web flow or custom code it for a custom quote.

Many of our clients come to us with their brand style guides already in hand. However, many clients, especially startups, do not have clear visual guidelines. In other cases, an organization may be ready for a fresh new look as tastes and target markets change over time. For this reason, we have found it simpler to include branding for each website we create. It’s like two services in one. We focus on the visual identity portion of branding

We will help you choose and create a cohesive brand identity including:

  • logo or logo redesign
  • typography
  • color palette
  • form, shape, pattern, texture, and peripheral imagery
  • data visualization
  • illustration, icon, and photographic style
  • interactive element styling

Social media just as much as any type of digital presence you use needs to be attended to professionally.

We offer <a href=”/work_type/media-marketing/” target=”_blank”>social media management, and content generation</a> to help your business target and reach your ideal client.

We also <a href=”/work_type/marketing/” target=”_blank”>set up and manage paid social media ads</a> to help you show your products and services to the ideal client and generate more revenue.

For more details about our services, please refer yourself to our services page

50% payment up front and 50% on launch. Setting up some extra integrations like mailchimp, calendly, etc, may require an extra fee but it will be discussed before the project starts. We offer complimentary free, premium managed hosting for a year after your site is launched. Once that is over, hosting is $50/year

In short, no. That’s not the sort of SEO we do. SEO is comprised of two elements; on-site and off-site.

Off site SEO is all about getting others to post links back to your site by creating and sharing top-notch content. The more links pointing back to your site, the more relevant your site appears to search engines. For this, you will need extra content marketing services.

When creating your site, we will focus on on-site SEO. It is crucial that search engines and social media read and index your pages properly. Because of this, we use SEO best practices.

If needed, we’ll send you a training video showing you exactly how to edit the text and images of each page, make new blog posts, add new products! It’s WordPress as it was meant to be… fun and easy!

Sure! Generally, we reserve the right to display projects in our portfolio, so if there is a need for privacy, please let us know right away and we’ll work it into our contract and sign your agreement as well.


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