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I am a Social Media Influencer with an original love for Trending News, Beauty, Fashion, Events, Travel, Music, and Entertainment.

about my social media journey

How KDot started

At 16 years old, in 2013, I started posting on social media. Three years later, I had already 25000 across platforms. And four years later in 2019, I have over 200,000 people in my audience across platforms (2 Instagram accounts with over 60K and one YouTube account with over 30K).

I use my world network to raise awareness of businesses I promote. That is how I got started with influencer marketing.

My current project

I am currently working with Gura Stores to get people to shop over there.


Travel Agencies


Coffee shops and Restaurants


Concert and Events

Some of the



Here are some of the brands I have worked with to

+ 1 K RWF
Revenue Generated

Let the numbers do the talking

Here is why I should be running your next campaign

"When we started working with KDot, we saw a massive increase of our social media activity and soon after we started our account started growing exponentially"
Director at ABC
Branded Posts Created

I have an unmatched love for Entertainment and Trending News

Kigali, Rwanda

What is trending in Rwanda

It is never easy to come up with great content that become viral and result in organic growth of social media platforms.

KDot curates and broadcasts news from Rwanda across our platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter…).

We have put together a playlist “Trending in Rwanda” for you to see some of our favorite work that you might be interested in

KDot Instagram Page Insights

Here is what you should expect from us for your marketing campaign.

I love traveling

About Innocent Ahimbazwe

Although I share a lot about my daily routine on my social media, there is a few things I would like to share with you here.

My love for traveling and beauty is nowhere near what can be seen in my social media posts and stories.

My daily routine

As seen on TV and Magazines

Some of the publications that have featured me

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