Today On Social - July 31, 2020 At 04:46PM - Social Post

Started a business, now what? is a Magazine by The African Boss.⠀
It talks about reaching thousands in a click. This magazine features stories from some of the top social media influencers on different platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) around the world (USA, Italy, UK, Rwanda). Tips from multiple social media influencers: Cyrene Quiamco @Cyreneq , Liliane Umuhoza @Lyly_liliane , Patrick Rukundo, @Patycope , Style with Substance @Sws_blog , Maria Chiza @Mariibella , and more.⠀

Check it out at https://ift.tt/30lVsdX

Originally appeared HERE on July 31, 2020 at 04:46PM

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