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-What is the purpose of the app? The African Boss App shares magazines, articles, podcasts, and videos from The African Boss. Our media is intended to educate and provide business knowledge and tips to the entrepreneurship community. -Who will most likely find this app useful? Entrepreneurs, Business owners, and Aspiring Entrepreneurs. And of course, Fans of The African Boss -What are the main features of the app? Ability to view, read, watch, listen to different media that we create at The African Boss -Where else can you find our content? All our content media is published on our website TheAfricanBoss.com -About the Company In 2017, Jean Eudes Benecyo, our Founder and CEO, had an idea to help entrepreneurs and businesses. He decided to create a simple directory of businesses where people could learn about businesses near them. But in time, he realized it was not a great idea and it evolved in what you see today. Today, it has evolved to sharing business stories (through the Magazine, Podcast, TV, Books,…) and also equipping businesses with affordable quality digital and marketing tools (Websites, and Apps) that help these businesses with a better online presence. -Company Mission To equip businesses with Modern, Professional & Creative Websites and Mobile Apps and the knowledge to use them successfully.
-Found any bugs or need any assistance? Contact us at theafricanboss@gmail.com or info@theafricanboss.com or reach out on the multiple other ways provided on our Contact page at theafricanboss.com/contact

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