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Course Hierarchy and Terminology on LearnPress

About this lesson

In this lesson, you will learn about course terminology, course hierarchy, course components, and course properties, and interactions between courses.

In this video, you will learn the 4 kinds of course components:

  • sections/parts
  • Lessons
  • Quizzes
  • Questions

Using a hierarchy example of a family, this video explains in details, how each of the course components interacts with each other.

After learning about course components and interactions, you learn about course component properties.

Each of the course components contains multiple properties. But here are the properties you are required to update.

For a course, you need to update the course name, course image, course duration, course assessment, course pricing, and course category.

For a lesson, you need to update the lesson name and lesson duration.

For a quiz, you need to update the quiz name, quiz duration, quiz passing grade and allowed times to retake the quiz. 

For a question, you need to update the question name, a question type (can be true or false, single choice, and multi-choice), and question mark/points.


Thank you for taking this lesson on course hierarchy and terminology.

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