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How to interview Remote Applicants

For those of you struggling to create a good interview process, here is a list of some good questions to use: What are your top three skills? Rank them 1-10. Explain why you ranked each skill that number What other active clients/ commitments do you have? How do you know you will be able to […]

MOMO – Easy Mobile Money Payments Online, A WordPress Plugin by The African Boss

Your online clients love easy mobile access. That’s why they have apps like Cash App, Venmo, Messenger, WorldRemit, Western Union, WeChat,… and others on their phones. Wouldn’t you love to help them buy on your site using these mobile apps? Introducing MOMO, an Easy Mobile Money Payments WordPress woocommerce add-on plugin solution. Input your mobile […]

The Launch – Thank you Magazine (Text Version)

This article provides the text from The Launch – Thank you Magazine These are the 13 stories of the unsung heroes who were there in the beginning. Make sure to check out this magazine issue. TECHNICAL ADVICE LEANDRE NSENGUMUREMYI Starting an online company with no website or app coding skills is intimidating. You have two choices […]

We make websites & mobile apps for businesses and organizations

Started a business, now what? Entrepreneurs should watch the following video and read this. Imagine for a moment that your future self could reach back in time to speak to you. Would they give you hope and tell you to “Never stop trying for a better tomorrow”? Would they ask you to stop what you […]

How to audit an Instagram Account | Check how many fake followers an account has

Since Instagram launched in 2010, it has had its fair share of fake followers just like any other social media platform. In an attempt to boost follower numbers, a lot of Instagram users buy followers. Depending on where you go, you might get real engaging followers or bot accounts created solely to automatically follow, like, […]

5 things to expect at the upcoming Business Convention in Dallas, TX on July 5th

Don’t you wish there was a conference that combined high-quality business sessions and engagements with an amazing social and entertaining experience? Well guess what? You found it! The North America Rwandan Convention will bring to Dallas the first ever US-Rwanda Convention. Here is what to expect Networking with over 1000 people from around the world […]

Best 5 practices on selling development and management services

If you are part of an agency/company that provides development and management services to businesses to create digital tools such as websites, apps, chatbots, etc, this applies to you. If you sell any services or products, the following tips will still apply to you. If you want to increase your value proposition through your sales […]

Top 10 Movies For Success, Motivation, and Entrepreneurship – The African Boss

Here are our top 10 movie picks for success, motivation, and entrepreneurship. In this list of movies, you will find themes that you will relate to on your journey to success. support, relationships, trust, teamwork, partnership, deception, losing it, depression, insecurity, strength, competition, knowledge, lack of knowledge, recruiting, coaching, leadership, mentor, strategy, journey, success, lack […]

Started a business, now what? (Text Version)

Reaching thousands in a Click This magazine features stories from some of the top social media influencers on different platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) around the world (USA, Italy, UK, Rwanda). How do the world’s top best social media influencers grow their audience and make money from it? What should you do as a new business […]

Coach Bomb on Playing Afraid

How to stay focused, motivated and dedicated in business, life and relationships In the previous two articles in The African Boss Magazine, we mentioned how passion and determination are driving forces to success, and how support and relationships supplement that dedication towards achieving your dreams. But once you have passion, are determined, have the support from different relationships you have […]

Daymond John meets The African Boss

A story of patience and perseverance : How I met, talked and sat with Daymond John before I got kicked out but did not leave “You have to make it and see him before he leaves today no matter what.” Those were the thoughts that were flowing in my head as I rushed fast on the […]


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