Checkout With Mobile Money On WordPress Using MOMO - Course

Checkout with Mobile Money on WordPress using MOMO

About this lesson

In this video, you will learn how to check out with MOMO or mobile money on an eCommerce platform using our very own MOMO – Easy Mobile Money Payments online plugin.

How MOMO works

The checkout page displays the store’s Mobile Money phone number where a visitor fills out a form and inputs some details:

  • Sender’s full name
  • Sender’s phone number
  • Mobile Money reference code

to confirm that they have sent the payment to your store.

After sending money to your store via a local/digital mobile money agent or any of the supported transfer services, the order is put on hold until you can confirm the details submitted by the customer proving that you received the money and can now start the delivery process.

The eCommerce marketplace featured in this video is one of our very own Gura Stores.


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