How To Be Likable During A Conversation - Video

How to be likable during a conversation

About this video

Let’s look at two different perspectives on what not to do and what to do when selling yourself.

Here is how most people sound when they are trying to sell you something

One of the three things that make people buy or engage with you in any way is liking you.

In a sales conversation, people also need to like the company you are representing and the product you are selling.

If people dislike you, they won’t buy from you.

If people dislike the company, they won’t buy from you.

If people dislike the product, they won’t buy from you.

There comes a time in a sales conversation when your message is not received well.

You have probably sent a text that was received in a completely different way than you intended. 

This video shows ways to communicate positive intent in your message and stay likable.


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