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5yr Anniversary – Celebrate with Deals

For the last 6 months, we have taken a step back from our service business and really dived deep into software development. This was due to our 5000+ growing community that relies on our tools to receive payments, create social media content, and communicate easily through SMS.

The major releases, features, and highlights of the last six months include:

  • Adding a second payment method to our Cash App Plugin using the official Square integration
  • Adding automated order status processing for the Cash App and Venmo plugins
  • Creating emaireceipts.io to handle the extraction of email receipts and communicate the information back to stores
  • Affiliate Program

The features and releases below are currently in testing and will be ready to ship out at the beginning of 2023

  • Venmo Pay using the official PayPal API
  • Automated order management and status updates for Zelle
  • Implementing Cash App Pay and Venmo Pay in Get Cash plugin
  • AI recommendation engine for social media posts on socialcane.com
  • SMS scheduling
  • SMS credits management
  • Creating personalized trendy image/video/text social content based on what is trending, what you follow, and what you like on socialcane.com
  • Marketing SMS and bulk SMS to an imported list

There is a ton of other features including some of your most requested features that will also be added as this year goes on.

To celebrate all these accomplishments and to support all these new features that require regular maintenance and development, our new pricing will be reflecting this. While the previous plugins under the previous pricing will remain available on Gumroad, the new versions moving forward will be hosted on Freemius and priced differently.

Our Anniversary deals are the bundles below up to 60%:



Find more deals at theafricanboss.comsocialcane.comemailreceipts.io

We hope that you enjoy these deals. Also feel free to comment or send us any feature requests on our contact form, social media, or via text/SMS/call. We are always eager to hear from you.

Happy Holidays from our team to yours!


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