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We make websites & mobile apps for businesses and organizations

Started a business, now what? Entrepreneurs should watch the following video and read this.

Imagine for a moment that your future self could reach back in time to speak to you.
Would they give you hope and tell you to “Never stop trying for a better tomorrow”?
Would they ask you to stop what you are currently doing, and do a totally different thing?
Would they ask you to start your own business?

This is the daily dilemma of an entrepreneur.

Some of the answers to these questions become clearer as you grow as an entrepreneur.
But for people trying to take that leap of faith, questions like “What if I quit my job, what if I start today, What if I can change the world?” linger around for a very long time. Because the only thing better than the memories and the road behind us is the anticipation of the path ahead.

And once you decide to get on the entrepreneurial path, standing out in the marketplace is the toughest thing to do.

And that’s where The African Boss comes in.

The African Boss creates digital tools for businesses, organizations, and individuals to help them stand out online.

Take for example Edward and Florence.

After multiple years of running a physical shop in Arlington Texas, they needed an eCommerce website. They came to The African Boss, and we turned their vision into moksmarketnairobi.com

There are multiple other stories like this one at The African Boss.

But we do not just create websites. We also create mobile apps, promotional marketing content, and use our different marketing channels to give our clients an online competitive advantage through The African Boss magazine, podcast, TV, etc.

Most people only pay attention to the final product of a successful entrepreneur. They say things like “I cannot survive that lifestyle,” “I can never be like them,” “they got lucky.” What most people don’t see is what they have overcome while trying to make their vision a reality. And that is why I invite you to follow our journey and our clients’ journey on social media.

And, remember, clients come to us for the online value we add, the same value your future self will be grateful for.

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