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The marketing funnel or pipeline

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The funnel (also referred to as marketing funnel, sales funnel, marketing pipeline, sales pipeline, funnel, or pipeline) represents the number of people that go from not knowing anything about you or your business to taking a major action like buying your products or services or subscribing to your email list or following and liking your social media, etc

In other words, as a business or individual, it is up to you to guide your social media visitors or website visitors to take a certain action before they leave your platform.

So, for example, as a business owner, you might want someone to see a post on your social media and guide them to buy your services and this is what it may look like

100 people view your social media post about your products

Out of the 100, 40 people interact with (like, heart, pin, retweet) the post (60 keep scrolling)

Out of the 40, 30 see the caption that tells them to visit your website to check out your products

Out of the 30, 20 actually go to your website to check out your products

Out of the 20, 10 add the products to the shopping cart

Out of the 10, 4 purchase your products

Out of the 4, 2 actually decide to also buy extra products you did not show them in the post

So, along this process, it is very important that you diminish distractions on the visitor so they take the final action.

And your call to action (abbreviated as CTA can be a button that calls the visor to act like a button that says buy our products. It can also be a link they have to click to take the next action in the funnel) has to be very clear, visible and it has to stand out and to explain what is it that you are asking them to do.

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