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Just a minor hiccup on WordPress

Few days before our 3rd-year anniversary on November 24th, 2020, all our available plugins on WordPress got temporarily closed for about a week. At the time, they had been downloaded around 2000 times and they were being used actively on 200 websites. During the days that followed, we worked hard to correct all the wrongs that had been done to get them reactivated on WordPress.

We were notified that the issue was none other than our email on file had gone offline. Since it is a requirement to have an email online while hosting plugins on WordPress, our plugins were temporarily closed while we got our email servers back up and running.

During that time, our plugins were only available on TheAfricanBoss.com and on our store at Gumroad.com.

We also took that time to review the plugins and update them. The new versions are much better and the analytics speak for themselves since downloads and active installs are growing exponentially.

So we just wanted to let you know that we are all back and better on WordPress. Also, it seems like our plugins were really missed since active installs have now jumped to 400+.

If you are currently using one of our tools and would like us to feature you, please contact us.


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