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Moving to the Cloud

We finally did it.

After months of debating and deep thoughts, we pulled the trigger on moving to cloud hosting.

We have used and are keeping a premium Hostinger subscription since 2017. During that time, we also used BlueHost, SiteGround, GoDaddy, Hostgator, and more for different clients and projects but still preferred Hostinger. While Hostinger has been really great with great support and hosting overall, our traffic has been growing exponentially this year and we have more plans to keep growing our audience. And that’s why we have decided to look for solutions that scale with you and cloud hosting was the way to go.

Cloud hosting requires more expertise and has a longer learning curve than shared hosting does. It also comes with its own set of problems if not done right. We chose to go with Digital Ocean after trying AWS, Google Cloud, and Digital Ocean. We loved primarily the user experience on Digital Ocean and how detailed the tutorials are at Digital Ocean. Yet, we still managed to start and delete over 5 instances/droplets during the time we learned since the installations were not going accordingly.

Lately, we ran into a huge issue while moving our email servers to Digital Ocean. This resulted in our emails being unavailable for the last week of November. It didn’t stop there because WordPress systems realized that our emails were down and closed all our plugins since it’s required to keep a working email on file. Sorry for that if you were one of the people who missed us during the outage. Our plugins were only available on TheAfricanBoss.com and on our store at Gumroad.com during that time.

To conclude, I want to say that we have learned a lot during this time and that we are working harder to make 2021 an even better year for all of us.

If you are currently using one of our tools and would like us to feature you, please contact us.


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