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The African Boss turned 3 today

The African Boss 3yo anniversary logo

Let’s look back a year from now and see where we were and where we are now.

A year ago, our focus was to target as many people as possible. Our mission was to help future entrepreneurs and to equip them with business knowledge and tools.

This year, however, we stayed true to our mission but focused more on equipping businesses and entrepreneurs.

That’s how this year, we were able to create three times as many digital tools (websites, mobile apps, plugins, templates) as we created the year before.

This shift in focus resulted in a much larger global impact than we anticipated. To give you some insights, our tools were adopted by over 1500 businesses around the world, and the number keeps growing daily.

We set some goals a year ago, now it’s time to set some new goals for this upcoming year.

When the decision was made to shift our focus to brand The African Boss as a global digital company instead of a media company, we set goals that would help our audience view us in that new light.

Before, most viewed The African Boss as a media company because we were publishing a lot of content (articles, magazines, podcasts, videos) to help entrepreneurs. We were failing at showing what we were doing behind the scenes for our clients.

Then came this year. With the new focus and branding, we set to become more active in places where our new audience was and this paid back greatly. Our new audience would become the different businesses that use our tools.

So for this upcoming year, we are going to stay true to our mission to equip businesses and entrepreneurs as always but will focus on creating better and much more impactful tools for our community more than we did before. We are also going to share more content with you so you know what is going on.


On this anniversary, we are very thankful for you

Every year, The African Boss anniversary falls on the same day as my birthday. Yay to 27 🙂
So it is time for a personal and business celebration.

I want to tell you the 3 things I am thankful for today:

  • You, for still being here and contributing to our mission: equipping businesses and entrepreneurs with digital tools and business knowledge in any way that you do
  • Clients for being the reason why The African Boss has made it this far as a business. Without clients, well, we wouldn’t be here
  • Community. I know all these three are just about people but that is really what we are celebrating today. Without our community, The African Boss would just be an idea in my head.

So this year, I want to offer you a gift


To redeem this discount, mention it on your next purchase.

Thank you for another great year


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