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Reaching thousands in a Click

This magazine features stories from some of the top social media influencers on different platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) around the world (USA, Italy, UK, Rwanda).

Tips from the following social media influencers

Cyrene Quiamco @cyreneq , creator of multiple HTML5 games and Snapchat AR – Augmented reality lenses, the11thsecond or the11thsecond.com 

Liliane Umuhoza @lyly_liliane , Rwanda’s Instagram rich, popular and famous

Patrick Rukundo, Rwanda’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter news and updates, @patycope

Style with Substance @sws_blog sws-blog.com , Youtuber, vlogger, blogger

Maria Chiza @mariibella, Instagram model, fashion designer, dancer, singer from Tanzania and Italy, I need your love – Marii on Youtube, and more.

How do the world’s top best social media influencers grow their audience and make money from it? What should you do as a new business to succeed in marketing and social media?

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