Welcome To The African Boss TV - Video

Welcome to The African Boss TV

About this video

In 2017, Jean Eudes Benecyo, our Founder and CEO, had an idea to help entrepreneurs and businesses. He decided to create a simple directory of businesses where people could learn about businesses near them. But in time, he realized it was not a sustainable idea and it evolved in what you see today.

Today, this has evolved to sharing business stories (through the Magazine, Podcast, TV, Books,…)  and also helping these businesses by developing marketing tools (Websites, Apps, Email and Social Media Management, Paid Social Media Ads, etc) for them to increase their business revenues.

That is how The African Boss TV was launched.

The African Boss TV shares video stories about businesses and entrepreneurs that we work with. We also share multiple other videos on this platform as well.

Here is the first video we ever created and since then multiple other videos were created for The African Boss and our clients.

In this video, you will learn about what our vision, mission and objectives were when we first launched.

As we evolved over time since this video, you will be able to see how time shaped the way we look at The African Boss TV


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