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How to interview Remote Applicants

For those of you struggling to create a good interview process, here is a list of some good questions to use:

  1. What are your top three skills? Rank them 1-10. Explain why you ranked each skill that number
  2. What other active clients/ commitments do you have? How do you know you will be able to prioritize my project?
  3. Tell me about your internet connection and computer. How often do you lose power or have internet issues? What will you do if you lose power/internet? What if your computer crashes?
  4. A project is due Friday at 5pm. 4:30 rolls around and you are still not done with the project. How do you handle this?
  5. Tell me about past clients you have had. Why did you like your favorite client? What was your worst client experience?
  6. What communication channels do you use? What channels do you prefer?
  7. What time zone do you normally work in?
  8. Tell me why you are a good fit for the current project/ job. What concerns do you have?

Focus on finding red flags. What is the person saying that shows they might not be a fit for the project or for your business style. Hope this helps 🙂


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