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5 things to expect at the upcoming Business Convention in Dallas, TX on July 5th

Don’t you wish there was a conference that combined high-quality business sessions and engagements with an amazing social and entertaining experience?

Well guess what? You found it!

The North America Rwandan Convention will bring to Dallas the first ever US-Rwanda Convention.

Here is what to expect

  • Networking with over 1000 people from around the world
  • Value packed business and engagement sessions
  • Global presenters, leaders, speakers will attend
  • Engaging panel discussions
  • Music entertainment with some of the best artists from Rwanda and the USA

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The North America Rwandan Convention is a privately-owned company founded and led by prominent members of the Rwandan Community in the USA who are inventive, passionate and relentlessly committed to bringing people together through immersive events (US-Rwanda Convention) that drive affinity, shift perception and foster deeper relationships between people.

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The US-Rwanda Convention seeks to create a platform for strategic, social and business network connections. It builds sustainable partnerships and opens doors to an exchange of innovative ideas.

US-Rwanda Convention serves as a round table, and a forum for interactions among diverse stakeholders while developing organizational base and cross-cultural integration for social and business opportunities.

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